Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is a leading solution for web conferencing and virtual classrooms.

Access to Adobe Connect for TAFE NSW

  • TAFE staff can access the Adobe Connect service @
  • The current TAFE NSW Adobe Connect licence includes a Meeting Peak Concurrent Users limit of 240 users


Useful Adobe Connect sites

TAFE Adobe Connect User Group (Requires portal access): This site provides a forum for discussion and collaboration amongst TAFE NSW staff using the Adobe Connect web conferencing platform. Login with your domain\network logon format eg. Illawarra\jsmith2.

The site contains:

  • Calendar - to book a meeting time
  • Issues log - to record problems and issues
  • Guidelines for use
  • Useful links
  • Tips and tricks
  • Other resources

Institute Adobe Connect Administrators

'Please contact your Institute Adobe Connect Administrator for set-up, training etc.

Hunter Tony Lorriman
A/Director, Educational Development

Joanne Briggs
A/Head Teacher, IT

Steven Parker
Web Developer
New England

Anne Bowden
Learning Technologies Officer       

Vivian Evans
Co-ordinator of General Education & Equity Services

North Coast

Deslie-Ann Osborn
Project Manager/Instructional Designer

Sue Shelly
Leader, Technology in Learning

Northern Sydney

Michael Tan
Product Development & Technology Based Learning Project Officer


Robyn Honeman
Education Officer

Bronwyn Collins
TAFE Implementation Co-ordinator

South Western Sydney Janet Stephens
R/Manager, e-learning

Julie Collareda
Manager, Learning and Innovation

Stephan Ridgway
R/eLearning Co-ordinator


Sally Brownlow
Educational Leader, New Learning Technologies

Merelyn Treanor
R/Manager, Organisational Improvement

Western Sydney Elizabeth Hobbs
Manager, Learning Technologies