Meeting 30 April (pm) - 1 May 2009

Date: 30 April - 1 May February 2009
Location: TAFE NSW - Illawarra, Teaching & Learning Initiatives, LG65A, Wollongong Campus
Inquires: Viki Marchant


30 April - Travel down to Wollongong (Depart Terminal 3 near Gloria Jeans at 4.30pm)

30 April - Informal Dinner

7pm - Cucina Illawarra (

1 May - Meeting (Teaching & Learning Initiatives, LG65A, Wollongong Campus)

9.00 am Coffee and refreshment on arrival (Adobe Connect Room open:

9.30 - 10.00 am Laptops4Learning and Wireless for TAFE Projects (Janet & Vicki)

10.00 - 10.45 am Grant Casey - CLI happenings - SPC 2009, De-Janisonisations, CLAS/WDG, Institute projects, LRR,  Moodle

1. Technology Use Survey - what technologies Institutes/staff using, how, benefits - survey 2007, want to do another in June.

ACTION: Grant to put old questions on wiki and FLN to provide feedback on questions.

2. CLI Page on TAFEwiki - links to CliCKs, updates, SPC updates - Stephen to add a page

3. SPC Updates - 40 submissions; 10 Priority 1 projects that will be done.

ACTION: Suggest to TES thorugh Ron Wright, refinement of process to facilitate Institute collaboration and consortia being formed prior to submissions going to SPC, either through collaborative submissions or online process that enables Institutes to identify common priorities.

4. De-Janisonisation of resources - most only individual Institutes asked for - have to do themselves; WSI/SWSI - Beauty; Hunter  will do IT units; CLI has no capacity to do the work but is happy to share the tool - contact Rory O'Brien.May be capacity in TES to assist with de-Janisonisation of resources in their areas. .

ACTION; Follow up through Ron to obtain assistance from TES units through Cathy Rankin at same time as above.

5. LRR - Institute domains - all but 2 have implemented; supports sharing of resources.

6. LRR/Moodle Integration Trial - SI/IIT - tool almost ready; need a policy decision at DDG level to allow access to LRR for students. IIT/Steven Parker has suggested an 'authentication via public' access

7. Videos in CLAS - Grant supported putting separate flv files in LRR for Institutes to access/embed.

8. Sydney Uni Research on Blended Learning - researcher, Rob Ellis, would like to come to our next meeting. ACTION: Organiser of next meeting to contact Grant to make contact and invite to meeting in Term 3.

9. Workshop for new teachers in SWSI - Grant will be conducting workshops re Using technology in teaching and learning - Handout will go up on TAFEwiki CLI page.

10. CLI sending resources directly to teachers; LCM Resources sent out directly to HTs - Grant provided copy for each Institute

10.45 - 11.45 pm Adobe Agreement - Implications for TAFE (general discussion, Connect with Craig & Sam from CCP) and Adobe Training Module (Warren Smith, Hunter tbc)

Recording of discussion with Sam:

ACTION: Through Ron and IDs seek support and information on access to software and infrastructure for Connect; need to ensure that Steven Wilson is aware of need to maintain current Connect server; feedback from WSI ICT re process of transfer of Connect to ITD.

Warren - Training Module

ACTION: Warren to contact webqem re a contact to organise a demo in Adobe Connect in about a month. Tony to organise with FLN and schedule the Connect session early June.

TeLS Update (Dianna Khabbaz) - recording of chat with Dianna:

Budget - next round of 2year funding;

Equella trial concluded end April - report final 3rd week of May; ITD feel there is too much happening in the Repository space - reviewing/developing a strategy; report due in May. Equella available in TeLs sandpit using DET login.

Adobe (JOhn Treleaor to be main contact) - TeLs reiterated importance of Connect for TAFE; continue with relationship with WEBQEM.

Commonwealth Capital Funds - Peter Roberts to submit for funds for infrastructure for Connect - or may have to come from TeLs. As have unlimited licences under Adobe agreement but need to fund infrastructure.

REfine Moodle - Institute installs may mean individual licences and so separate maintenance costs. Dianna to follow up more on this and advise. Stephan made a cautionary point re the risk to the Connect server and activity around Adobe agreement, IT workload on this, etc.

ACTION: Beth to talk with WSI IT re willingness to take this on before we go ahead; liaise with Dianna.

TAFE Teacher Portal - post implemented review happening next week. Looking at feedback - provide this to James asap. Jenny's question - how might we be moving forward re repository associated with portal? being looked at by ITD infrastructure team; refer back to ITD repository review report later in May. Current portal repository is an interim measure pending current trials of Equella, etc. Concern about resources being uploaded and impact if this is an interim repository? transfer to implemented solution later on - Dianna advised that TeLs is investigating migration solution.

VLE Workshop in August 2008 - view to another workshop early in Term 3.

Question re WEb Filtering from Stephan - sites previously unblocked after submission have been blocked. New filtering product has been adopted. Beth advised that unblocking of YouTube for TAFE teachers proposed and supported. 

ACTION: Through Ron and Simon Paine request that sites that had been unblocked after requests be unblocked again - copy to Dianna to follow up with Grant Wagren.

ACTION: Bring up with IDs re access/discretionary purchase of hardware via Laptops4Learning.


12.15 - 1.00 pm LUNCH

1.00 pm 1.10pm Flexible Delivery - Learner Support and Teacher Guidelines - discuss strategies to develop TAFEwide guidelines (Vicki)

Yes, interest.

ACTION: Vicki set up a working party and wikipage to share current procedures/guidelines, then meet to bring together and draft a TAFEwide guideline. Email FLNs to ask for contributions, coordinate. - TAFE NSW Good Practice Guidelines for Flexible Learner Support - contact with learners - how, when, programming; working from home guidelines/risk assessment; managing expectations (own, colleagues, students); what constitutes teaching in flexible learning; pedagogy aspects (ref Rob Ellis's report);

1.10 - 1.30 pm CCP- Learning Tools Applications Reference Group- report + outline blog trial + upcoming wiki trial- input required (Di VB)

ACTION: we need a consistent message to IDs on concerns re Blog and other LTA tools. Beth to add to message to Ron - on wiki for FLN comment.

ACTION: Di to put link up on FLN wiki - to LRR record for Moodle step by step teachers guide.

ACTION: Invite Ron to our next meeting

1.30 - 2.00 pm  AFLF Innovation Projects - Opportunities for collaboration

WSI - 2

1. Adaptive Technology/learner support for distance disability students - student involvement in a wiki; Jac has some resources from her trip to Europe.

2. Office of State Revenue - train debt collectors; using Moodle delivering Cert III/IV Financial Services, debt collecting and communication (Dot Waterhouse)

NEI - 3

1. The Bakery for business - baking industry - business training, management, recruitment, induction; productivity management - CD resource (3 units of competency)

2. Nurses for the Future - medication (Illawarra has some resources for this).

3. Moodle Community - Gamilaraay ABoriginal Language

WI - 4

1. Tablet PCs to collect evidence

2. Moodle - Local Councils

3. Country Rugby League - network building using Moodle, VC, etc

4. Virtual IT Lab

RI - 3

1. National Environment Centre - waste and landfill POV, assessing skills in wplace Eurobodalla

2. NEC also, eFarm exploring and developing a web-based eFarm Dip Organic Farming

3. AirServices - Air Plan-e; traineeship flexible resources for access at TAFE and at work

NCI - 5

IIT - 2

1. Spatial Information/GIS flexible delivery - skills for professionals; Southern Council Group.

2. Get Flexible - Flexible Learner Orientation resource.

SI - 2

1. Child Studies partnership with Lady Gowrie (Petersham) - online RPL tool

2. Architectural Technology - 3D CAD resources for REVIT flexible learning.


2.00 - 3.00 pm Institute Reports

SI - COAG Project to develop RPL tools for basic technology skillsets

RI - Staff Consultation and Catalogue of services for Learning Technologies

Media: Learning_Technology_Team_Services.pdf

(IF time) Copyright Policy - discussion of possibility for FLN to feed into change in TAFE Copyright policy/procedures for digital resources to address CC non-compliance, National NEALs licence (, Creative Commons/Share Alike adoption, impacts, benefits, cost savings/efficiencies, etc

Actions from the meeting