Learning Management System - Moodle

What is Moodle?

Moodle is a software application with features and utilities to allow educators to extend a classroom onto tbe web. Students can access the learning materials and interact with their peers and teachers in the Moodle. Features of the Moodle include to post news items, assign and collect assignments, post electronic journals and resources, and more. 

Where is the Sydney Insititute Moodle

The URL of the Sydney Institute Moodle is 


Home Page - Sydney Institute Moodle

Basic Moodle Features

1. Learning Resources

  • Book module 
  • Text page
  • Web page
  • Hyperlink
  • File - PDF document
  • File - Word document
  • File - Image document
  • Directory

2. Learning Activities

  • Assignment - Advanced uploading of files
  • Assignment - Online text
  • Assignment - Upload a single file
  • Assignment - Off-line activity
  • Chat
  • Forum
  • Journal
  • Glossary
  • Quiz


You can enrol in an online professional development program - Introduction to Moodle

  • Username = your TAFE network login name (eg John Smith, username = jsmith)
  • Password = your current TAFE network password


Session Plan for Learning Technology Mentor 2008 Workshop

If you have attended the Moodle Introduction workshop, we would be grateful if you could provide us with some feedback via this survey here.


User documentation

Teacher documentation

Moodle basics 1 - Session Powerpoint 19 MAY 2011

Moodle Demonstrations  & Other Resources


How to login

How to edit your personal profile

How to reset your password

How to request a course creation

How to add/edit an enrolment key of your course

How to add/remove topic blocks

How to add teachers to your Moodle

How to help your students to enrol to your Moodle course

How to remove student/teacher from your course

How to turn editing on

How to enter your summary of topic

How to add a file

How to add a hyperlink

How to insert a label

How to delete an item

How to backup your course with user data

How to save your backup onto a hard drive

How to upload your backup course to Moodle

How to restore a backup course

How to transfer your learning materials from old to new Moodle

Other Resources

Click here to check the TAFE NSW library catalogue for resources on Moodle.  If a book that you would like to borrow is not at your local college, ask library staff to do an interlibrary loan for you.

TAFENSW libraries subscribe to a number of periodical databases which provide you with full text articles available to you online. One example is the suite of EBSCOhost databases. Click here
to link to articles from EBSCOhost databases on wikis. If you wish to find out more about how to set up a RSS feed for a topic of your choice from one of the available databases please contact library staff at your college library.

From BlipTV (a fairly comprehensive series of short videos) 

How to Embed a Video from Blip TV (You'll need to log in to the Sydney Insitute Moodle to access this file)

From Cornell University: Video for Moodle Instructors

List of Moodle courses developed on the old server (useful as examples of what some teachers have done.)  Some of these courses are open to guests, others require a password to log in as a guest (this is a feature you can use to restrict access to the course to your own students).

To apply for a Sydney Institute Moodle to support your students online, contact: Jerry Koid (9710 5886) or Glenyce White (9710 5981).

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